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With the 'snowmageddin' that hit the Northeastern U.S., it is a good time to share suggested items for your home emergency kit. This one is going to miss us, but being prepared for the next time something happens is a great offensive tactic! Here is a list of suggested items that may or may not apply to you based on where you live. READ MORE >>

SAFETY ALERT! The Dangers of 9-Volt Batteries Usually, we have 9-volt batteries around the house. We change our smoke detector's 9-volt batteries twice a year as daylight savings time begins or ends. So while we are waiting for the time change, we’ve had 9-volt batteries loose in a bin in our laundry room. READ MORE >>

Health Insurance open enrollment is ending on February 15, 2015. That means without a qualifying event, you are unable to purchase health insurance until open enrollment begins again next year! Please visit our health insurance page for more information! READ MORE >>

Getting Healthy and Fit in 2015 Our office has been on a health kick for quite some time. A new year always brings diet crazes, resolutions to lose weight, and begin exercise. So possibly sharing our personal journeys might be helpful and informative to our readers. Gary Marker: "My doctor said I needed to lose weight. READ MORE >>

This Holiday Season, Give the Gift of Peace of Mind  Do you have children or grandchildren under age 18 that you’ll be buying for this holiday season? This year, wouldn’t you like to give them a lasting gift – one that really matters? READ MORE >>

Traveling Safely with Little Ones Is there a little one in your backseat? If so, read on… When you go into a store to look at boosters and car seats, it’s overwhelming! There are so many types, prices, and designs of car seats that it becomes overwhelming to choose. READ MORE >>

Recently, this question raised a conversation we had with a divorced client who was going to make her 5-year-old the beneficiary to her life insurance policy we helped her select. We came across a great article from a law firm we thought we'd share below that answers that question in a short and concise manner. READ MORE >>

Health Insurance and You in 2015 As November 15 draws closer, enrolling and re-enrolling for individual health insurance can be confusing. Those of you who do not have group insurance through an employer are affected. This month's newsletter is devoted to providing, information, clarification, and helpful links. READ MORE >>

Facebook users LOVE photos. So does C&M Insurance. We thought it would be fun to have a contest and see what our followers would share with us, so we created a one-month contest asking for their best photo representing Autumn last month. First place went to Jeanne Adwani with her image of a sunset in Glen Arbor. READ MORE >>

Life Insurance 101 - by Rod Marlow I’ve been selling life insurance for over 30 years. Our mortality is a subject no one likes to talk about. I’ve delivered checks to families after the loss of a loved one more than once. READ MORE >>

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